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The idea would be developed around the role that both countries, Portugal and Spain, had in revealing new worlds, reconverted now in the common creation of future in which the globalization can exist without losing one’s identity. In a possible definition of the problem: could the Ibero-American space bring something innovative to the building of the European space?


Creating conditions to understand the process of creativity and it’s transformation into innovation, the Congress intends to promote experiences in the following areas: organization and business, arts, everyday life experience, education, communication, science and technology.

Priority will be given to the presentation of examples of transnational cooperation, in economic, social, historical and political aspects.


The congress is structured around simultaneous workshops that will contain the main experience in the mentioned areas, completed with three conferences about the topics of innovation and the relationship between the two countries. There will be a space for papers, posters, organizational case studies presentations, as well as a ideas about the areas already defined and about problems set by companies. At last a space dedicated to poetry and literature of both countries, in addition to the art exhibition and artistic performance will complete the contest.


The Creative City 2008” will be nominated, according to the support given to creativity, as well as the award “Ricardo Marin” to reward a personality in the domain of creativity and innovation. During the Gala Dinner, a charity auction will take place in favor of social solidarity institutions: UNIR – Mentaly Disabled, Families and Friends Association – and Loulé’s Parish Center.


The Congress will take place in Loulé, in the Algarve, in the 3rdrd week of October in 2008, lasting 2 days, using the facilities of the St. António Convent for the plenary sessions and the facilities of the INUAF for the workshop and non-plenary sessions.

INUAF (Santo Espírito Convent)

St. António Convent